Surface preparation

Surface preparation


Here is an article about surface preparation. You could talk about the many processes involved with painting. Not only would this drive more traffic to your website, it would also give you more credibility. Google and other search engines love original content. That is their purpose. To provide the best possible content that people are after.

This is what a blog is useful for. You could post a new article every couple of weeks about a topic that is not only useful to people, but also something that you would probably love talking about.

Add in an image and maybe 500 words based on the topic that you want to talk about and Google will pick up these articles when it searches the Internet.

This is not a quick process of driving people to your website. It can take a good dozen or so articles before you start to see people coming for them, however if you keep on writing every now and then you will find that your site will move up in the ranks.

What I have written here is already over 200 words, so it won’t be hard to write 500. If you do struggle though, it’s okay. 300 words can still make a good article, although the more the better. 500 is ideal though.

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